And the answers are….

Okay, so I guess I got a little carried away with the questions.  Here they are again, with the answers.  I promise, the next ones will be easier.

Which of the following will I NOT be bringing?  (# 5 and #6)

  1. A seasickness patch left over from the Antarctica voyage – Yep, I’m bringing this.  The boat for the Galapagos part of the trip is very small, so we are taking no chances.
  2. Coca tea bags from the Peru trip, to help avoid altitude sickness  Yep, I do whatever I can to avoid any possibility for pain.  The change in altitude from Newark to Quito is about 2 miles.  eek.
  3. My long underwear (also from Antarctica).  Yep, Quito is in the mountains and it gets cold at night.  My silk underwear doesn’t take up much room,  I can wear it under lightweight clothes, which saves space in my luggage.
  4. My windbreaker from my bike trip.  Rain is predicted for every day that we are in Quito.  This windbreaker has a hood, so I won’t need an unbrella…and it is really lightweight.
  5. My flotation belt from my water aerobics class.  Nah–they will provide life jackets when needed.
  6. My teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini (from my adolescence).  There hasn’t been a bikini in my bureau for at least 30 years. But as you know, I do keep my clothes for a long, long time–just not my swimwear.
  7. Wine glasses and bottle armor for “trip wine”.  Oh yeah.  I have two plastic wine glasses, and a special bag for transporting wine so that it doesn’t break or leak all over the inside of the luggage.  Hey, you can’t expect wine stores in the Amazon, can you?  Who knows,  a bottle of vino from a duty-free shop could end up being one of the prizes!

Next question will be about the trip activities. Which ones do you think will be offered?

(All except #6 and 7)

  1. Blow gun contest.  Absolutely.  Hmmm.  I better pretend I’m Bill Clinton and make sure I don’t inhale.
  2. Snorkeling.  Yes Indeed.  Not during the Amazon part of the trip…in the Galapagos.  Swim with the penguins, or something like that. 
  3. Chicha (beer) making lesson.  Definitely a highlight
  4. Raft making.  Surprising, but yes.
  5. Floating on the raft that we made.  I’m a little concerned about this one.  This will definitely be a joint project with Mike!
  6. Piranha fishing.  Not intentionally–unless my leg (or some other part of my body) hangs off the home made raft, a piranha is swimming by, and decides to latch on. 
  7. Piranha cooking and eating.  I don’t think so, although Fanny’s recipe sure made it sound delicious. 
  8. A day trip to a spa.  Oh yes.  We are spending a day at the Papallacta Hot Springs, where they have thermal baths.  Full report will be forthcoming.
  9. Shopping for contest prizes.  Well, of course.  We will be going to Otavalo Market, where Fanny tells me they have beautiful handicrafts. 

So, here’s the score so far.  For this first attempt, I am awarding bonus points:

Fanny and Melissa got the first question half right, so they each get 10 points.  And they each got 7 out of 9 right, so that brings them up to 17.  BUT

Fanny gets 10 bonus points for being the first to answer, plus 5 for adding a  piranha recipe, for a total of 32 points.

Melissa gets 5 bonus points for making me laugh, 8 bonus points for being second to answer for a total of 30.

Sue (also known as anonymous) got the first question partially right for 10 points, and 4 out of 9  for the second one, plus 5 bonus points for trying, for a total of 19.

Lindy got the first question half right.  She was the only one that knew I wouldn’t bring a floatation device–and she was the only one that thought I still would wear a bikini!  So, 10 points for  first question, and she got 5 of the second question, for a total of 15.

Bonus points for trying, plus bonus points for knowing the words to the Peter Paul and Mary song brings Lindy up to a grand total of 25.

Not to worry–there is still time to rock this contest.  (But I think Sandy is trying for another paper thong).

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