Who is this Blogger, Anyway?

I am intensely curious, with a spirit of adventure that is tempered by my very strong aversion to anything with potential to cause pain.  I love travel, photography, reading, gardening, yoga, music and propelling myself through space (biking, dancing, walking, dancing while walking).  I’ve never considered a lack of proficiency in any of the previous activities to be a hindrance. Well, I AM good at reading.  And possibly walking.  For everything else, I count on abundant enthusiasm to make up for my shortcomings.

Let me propose a toast to you, my reader –okay, I won’t kid myself– my family and close personal friends who log in so that my feelings won’t be hurt…

Thanks for reading….please feel free to comment on any/all posts.  Did I mention I prefer conversations to monologues?

28 thoughts on “Who is this Blogger, Anyway?”

  1. Shelley,
    I thought I got on your blog last month but realized I just visited a sight from your trips/vacations. You are trueley amazing – and may I add a terrific dancer. Stay safe on
    your next adventure and I look forward to seeing all the fun and exciting new picutres.


  2. Addedum
    I read the questions wrong and Bri came in to tell me this
    Oh – I think you did the Spansh speaking, bought the wine with Augusta and Mike
    and everyone bought gifts – BUT you bought me the most special gift.
    Oh I didn’t read the question right about the snail/horn sorry. Mike you probably was the best – I mean – you create beautiful violins – so you must of made it HUM the best


    1. Thanks for the positive feedback. Yes, it took a while, but eventually I found some bloggers that have made it past the half century mark. I would put them on a blogroll, and eventually will, when I get around to figuring out just HOW. Most of the blogs that pop up when you look under “retirement” are about finances, which is not what interests me after working for insurance companies most of my life!


      1. De nada Shelley. By the by, I owe you a big thank you. Why? I was fascinated with your map, showing places that you plan on going to (Travellerspoint.com) and visited the site. I signed up for an account and will plot my trip today on their site, then place it on my blog. I have been looking for something like this for the last couple of weeks, but Travellerspoint.com is perfect. Again, thank you for directing me there via your own map.


      2. That is EXACTLY why I put it there, with the link, so my blogging buddies could easily get to it. So you are very welcome. Here’s the thing: when you export it, you can only choose either a KML or CVS format. I chose KML, then used the “grab” function on my mac to copy it, which turns it into a TIFF file, which I then pulled into Photoshop elements so I could save it as a jpeg, and then upload to wordpress. Whew. There may be easier ways for those that are technically in the know, but this method worked for me. So, I hope this hint will save you time and aggravation. Of course, the other option is to just post the link, but I wanted to make it easy for my family.


      3. You read my mind . . . I was wondering about that and I will attempt it with my PC first (I have had other issues with uploading video to WordPress via my MacPro), then try it with IOS platform. Ironically, I will be using a Samsung Android OS (tablet) while on my trip, so something like this I need to get accomplished ASAP, because I doubt this upload via Android. Again, thank you!


  3. I also prefer conversations, but would much rather have them face-to-face, sharing a bottle of wine, than confined to the enforced literalness of on-line writing. (No smiles, shrugs, changes of tone, bits of whimsy or affection or dismay, heavy sighs or winks.) Still, the written words are better than no words at all. Bon voyage.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll have to most on over to your blog. I’m discovering that my favorite part of blogging is discovering kindred spirits and accumulating “keyboard pals” which is the 21st century version of pen pals.

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  4. Nice to find a fellow voyager! I believe we could be kindred spirits! (It would be better if we didn’t live on different sides of the country, because I’m pretty sure we’d share a glass or two of wine! Anyway, I’m in the process of moving my content over from blogger (lots of work), but I’m glad I found another boomer/blogger/adventurer!

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    1. We DEFINITELY are kindred spirits! I’m guessing you live in California, based on your different sides of the country comment.
      What I love about blogging is establishing connections with like minded people that I otherwise never would have met. You have just joined the very special, very elite group known as my virtual pen pals.
      I don’t blog as often as some, but I always enjoy checking up on my pen pals activities, binge reading and catching up.
      I saw that you have been at the retirement game for 5 and a half years, about a year longer than me.
      Loved your line about Frank, Warren and Jimmy!


  5. Thank you for introducing yourself to me Shelley. I love what I read here and can’t wait to read more. I’m pressing the “Follow Me” button right now!


  6. Oh, this About page is fun. I enjoyed traveling your years with you. I was raised in NJ – southern NJ – and although I live outside the Boston area now, and raised my family in CA – I travel to Ocean City NJ every summer, since it’s the best place on earth when the sun is high and hot and the month is July or August. 🙂


  7. Hi Shelley! I’m retired as of May 1st from your last company. I noticed you didn’t mention it in your bio, so I’ll keep it a secret🤫. I knew you were into traveling, but wow! I was given the link to your blog and have started reading the very interesting articles. A lot to catch up on.

    My wife and I hope to join your league in the next couple of years, but I’m hoping to travel via sailboat. My wife only asked that we can’t sell the house, and I need to get her two cats to replace those that passed away last year. Fair trade. Maybe we’ll meet up again in some far off beach bar🍹. In the meantime, I’ve joined Instagram to post some pictures of my travels under rog_noone. Who knows, maybe a blog is in my future.


    1. Hi Roger, What a nice surprise to hear from you. Congratulations on joining the ranks of the retired. It is a wonderful time of life. I was thinking about you because one of the trips we are considering for the future is to Tanzania – – which reminded me of your Mt Kilimanjaro climb. You are certainly no slouch when it comes to adventure travel! I would encourage you to blog. It is like having pen pals from different parts of the world. I’ve learned a lot from other travel bloggers so try to return the favor by sharing any tips I pick up along the way. While working, I had fantasized about selling our house, putting our belongings in storage and traveling where ever we wanted for as long as we wanted. Mike was not excited about the prospect. After several long trips, I realized that he was right. After about 6-8 weeks, I want to come home, and it is nice to have that home base. Sailboat with two cats? That definitely should be interesting.


    1. Aw thanks, Micki. Right back at ya

      I’ll be meeting your sister in a couple of weeks. We are seeing Hamilton, and I’ll be hearing all about your recent cruise. Too bad Zusanna wasn’t aboard to teach Zumba.


  8. I am glad that You left possibility praise Your blog. It fulfilled those criterions, which I have. My opinion is that about-me-page is a window to the bloggers world and telling some personal information.

    Here is mine:

    About me

    Have a wonderful day!


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