Old friends, new friends

Yesterday we said goodbye to our wonderful VBT companions. As with our last VBT trip, we were fortunate to travel with a delightful group, who made a great trip even more enjoyable.

As you can see from the photo, we were quite thrilled with our biscotti success. Best part was we got to keep both our glorious creations AND the aprons.

And now for the close ups. Deb, Bud and Ruth

Mike and I travel with our dear friend, Augusta frequently enough for him to be dubbed “the man who travels with two wives”. Well, on this trip, Eric and Dean could have been known as the men who traveled with THREE wives!
Becky,Nisa, Debbie and Dale

Nina, Nancy, Barbara and Eric

We didn’t want David to feel bad about traveling with only one woman, so we created an honorary harem, just for him.
Diane, Becky, David, Janet and Beth

During the early part of the trip, Susan rode with us but then moved on up to pedal with the REAL bikers.
Susan, Beth, Sally and Shelley

Our terrific tour guides kept us entertained, well fed and safe.

Angelo and Franco

Here are two versions of our farewell shot:one with Nina running to join the group, and the other with Nina in place.

I love this shot of Sally and Becky.

After the fond farewells, Sally, Karen, Diane and I made our way to Lucca. We briefly stopped in the city before making our way to our home for the next two weeks. Diane and Karen were in Lucca ten years ago. They are clearly delighted to be back!