Bariloche, Day One

So many highlights, so little time to capture them all.

I’m going to try to let our photos do much of the talking for me.

How wonderful it was to spend time with our dear friends, Sharmon and Luis, who took us to dinner at a fantastic Argentinian restaurant. It was an evening of great food and great company!

But first we toured their new business venture, currently under construction. That blue area to the right in the above photo? That will be a gorgeous infinity pool. Best of all — there will be zumba and yoga classes offered in another area of the building.

If you’re longing for a panoramic view, all you need to do is ride the chairlift to Campanario Hill.

Not satisfied with staying in the usual viewing area, we explored further and found this monument. I asked one of my new friends, Karen, to take my photo, and she did exactly as requested.

BUT, she went above and beyond. She thought it important to show how hard I had to work to get way up to that cross. It was a rather steep climb, which is probably why it is not part of the usual tourist experience!

Next was a nature walk with our local guide, Fernando.

That was just a warm up. Lunch at a family owned brewery would include a tasting, so we moved on for some serious hiking.

It is hard to gauge how high up we managed to get from this photo, but my iPhone said we did the equivalent of 66 flights of stairs. My Fitbit thinks it was closer to 100. I think I’m going with the Fitbit.

Whatever the true number, we were all quite pleased with ourselves.

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I am intensely curious, with a spirit of adventure that is tempered by my very strong aversion to anything with potential to cause pain. I love travel, photography, reading, gardening, yoga, music and propelling myself through space (biking, dancing, walking, dancing while walking). I've never considered a lack of proficiency in any of the previous activities to be a hindrance, counting on abundant enthusiasm to make up for my shortcomings.

7 thoughts on “Bariloche, Day One”

  1. And so you should be pleased with yourself, both for the 100 flights of stairs and for posting with an iPhone! How lovely that you got together with Sharmon and Luis. No icebergs there I suspect. And no hakárl! 🙂


    1. Nancy, how’s your ankle? Sharmon and Luis were also sorry to hear that you had to cut your New Zealand trip short. No icebergs YET. Horseback riding today.

      Sent from my iPhone


      1. I’m managing at home since I don’t have to use crutches, but I need the crutches when I’m out and about. Unfortunately it’s my right foot that’s hurt so I can’t drive which means I’m pretty homebound unless friends take pity on me and take me out. Which they do. 🙂 If all goes well, I should be healed by the end of March.


    1. I bought two, gave one to my husband and he lost it, so I have been using only one BUT the consensus was that two is the way to go. One of the hikers was using two for the first time and was amazed at the difference it made.

      Sent from my iPhone

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