About that Castle…

imageCesky Krumlov is a lovely medieval town perched on the top of a high hill, filled with restaurants, shops, and a castle with a story, which I now know.

The castle was built around 1250 by the Rosenbergs, who lived there for about 600 years till the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph II took a fancy to it.  I’m sure there were lots of battles and other really important historical events connected with the castle, but the story that I liked the most was about the Rosenberg son who married for love, against the wishes of his father.  That marriage was annulled, so that son could make a more appropriate match, one that came with a large dowry.  Unfortunately, there was a bit of a delay in the payment of the dowry, so son (whose name escapes me, but I’ll bet you don’t care either) sent his blushing bride home.  It took about 10 years, numerous bake sales and car washes for the family to come up with the requisite sum.  By the time the two love birds got together, Mrs. Rosenburg was getting on in years.  She consulted a priest or some other magical power fellow, so when she gave birth at age 42, it was declared a miracle, resulting in canonization of the miracle worker.  (No, not the husband, the magical fellow).  Personally, I think if anyone should have been canonized, it should have been Mrs. Rosenburg, for putting up with that nonsense.  I had a good look at The Lord of the manor, and let me tell you, he was no prize. If I had been sent home, I would have stayed there and used the dowry money to travel. But maybe that’s just me.

The view from the castle is spectacular, well worth the climb up the hill.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t take photos IN the castle, so I’ll have to describe the coat of arms of one of the later families, who moved in when the Hapsburgs tired of it. Picture a severed head, sporting a fu Manchu mustache dangling at an angle, with a black bird pecking at his eyes. That’s because the Schwartzenbergs defeated the Turks and the grateful emperor rewarded them with that stunning visual.

After much wandering, discussions, and menu viewing, the biker chicks decided to dine at our hotel. We had drinks and appetizers on the terrace, then moved inside for dinner once it got cold.

Karen, Beth and Susan
Karen, Beth and Susan


Diane and Karen

Diane and Karen

On our last day in Cesky Krumlov, we took a train part way through the forest, then biked across what was once the iron curtain, so of course we took advantage of the photo op.

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14 thoughts on “About that Castle…”

  1. Loved your romantic story, but I’m curious to know what happened to scorned wife #1. From your description of the chap, maybe she got the better deal after all!


  2. Don’t you love the VBT bikes? I was tempted to buy one because I liked mine so much. Maybe I fantasized that the sag wagon and roadside snack service came with the purchase of a bike 🙂


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