Three Days in Prague

Three days in Prague were not nearly enough.  Such a beautiful, interesting city deserves a return trip, but next time it will be with Mike.  That’s why I intentionally didn’t do the historical things that I know he’d enjoy.  For example, although we did visit the castle complex, we didn’t take a tour.  Instead, we did a quick circuit around the exterior, content to enjoy the panoramic view.

Although we received tram passes as part of our Vermont Bike Trip package, we used leg power to get to the castle.  ALL the way up…ALL those stairs, just like his majesty’s subjects must have done, in the days of old.


And what a warm welcome they received!  Check out the entrance to the palace.

This fine fellow is on the left of the entrance.
This fine fellow is on the left of the entrance.

And it his guy is on the right.
And this guy is on the right.
Do you think Charles IV was a bit ambivalent about guests?  Perhaps he wanted to make sure they didn’t wear out their welcome?

We skipped the art and the churches, only stopping to see the throne room.


Only kidding…

that’s actually my bathroom at our hotel in Cesky Krumlov.  Hotel Ruze was once a Jesuit school, which doesn’t explain the choice of plumbing fixtures, it just explains some of the guests.


So, we now have left Prague, had our first bike ride (which started out on narrow, winding, cobblestone streets and included more than one big hill), enjoyed meeting our biking companions during a champagne reception and finished a magnificent dinner in a little cavern.  Time to call it a night!

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I am intensely curious, with a spirit of adventure that is tempered by my very strong aversion to anything with potential to cause pain. I love travel, photography, reading, gardening, yoga, music and propelling myself through space (biking, dancing, walking, dancing while walking). I've never considered a lack of proficiency in any of the previous activities to be a hindrance, counting on abundant enthusiasm to make up for my shortcomings.

2 thoughts on “Three Days in Prague”

  1. Isn’t it refreshing to know our European ancestors got along so well with each other? Statues all about living and caring for your neighbor :-).

    You look darling – such a cute, mischievous smile with a little, naughty twinkle in your eye. Me thinks you’re leaving the historical stuff to another time because you’re up to no good on this trip !! Now I REALLY wish I was there!


    1. You definitely have it figured out! Between the bike riding and the drinking, there is no energy for quizzes or any activity requiring more than 10 brain cells.
      We are with a great group…next time you’ll have to join us.

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