Tomb Raider

No, I am not raiding tombs–Lara Croft was. We started our temple tour with a visit to Ta Prohm, the site of the Tomb Raider movie. It has been left close to its natural state so visitors can experience the power of the jungle.

Tree roots wrapped around the temple stone
Tree roots wrapped around the temple stone

Temple detail
Temple detail

These apsaras look very perky, despite no visible means of support, centuries before the invention of plastic surgery.
There will be more temple photos over the coming days, so I don’t want to get you all “templed out”. Instead, I’ll show you the village that we visited.
If anyone in the US is looking for something to be grateful for, you can start with our water supply. This is theirs.
The children follow us through the village, trying to sell us trinkets. It is hard to say no, but if you buy from one, you are immediately engulfed. Bet you can guess how I know.
We had an amazing lunch in the village, in one of the houses. This is a milk apple, and it is delicious!
Here are Mike, one of the 4 Lindas,and one of the two Gregs, getting ready to chow down.
Another Linda, with our guide. Man is from Vietnam. Hmmmm, looks like a lot of empty beer cans in front of them.
My new friends from Philadelphia left their husbands home. They had “lunch meetings” for over a year to plan this trip.

Kitty, One of the Barbaras, Linda #3
Kitty, One of the Barbaras, Linda #3

Incidentally, the American pilots visited this village in the late ’60’s. The bomb craters are still there.

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  1. We once stayed in Sri Lanka in a mud hut! The water supply looked very similar, but luckily we only had to use it for bathing! The food was incredible and we were the only people staying there. Your trip looks amazing!


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