The Contest Finale– Global Volunteers Questions

Learn more about Global Volunteers by determining whether the nine statements below are true or false.  (And being the visual person that I am, I had to throw in photos for your — and my — entertainment.)

Global Volunteers:

  1. Serve only where they are invited.
  2. Work under the direction of local leaders.
  3. Help local people do what they have already decided they want done.
  4. Send teams of volunteers to each community several times a year, serving on five continents and the Pacific area.
  5. The fee Global Volunteers pay covers food, water, lodging, local transportation, program related and administrative expenses.  They also pay for their flight/transportation to the country.

Waiting for our “end of day” meeting to start.  Every week day the 9 teams on the St. Lucia project share their thoughts and the day’s accomplishments.

From the left:

Steve, Elmer, Ruth, Sue and Brenda

6. Anse La Raye, St. Lucia is the newest Global Volunteers site.

7. The St. Lucia project is one of the largest to date, in terms of the number of volunteers on site.

Front row: Norina, Bonnie, Edith, Steve, Jane, Ruth.  Second row: Gabi, me, Jeanne, Sally, Martha, Brenda, Sue, Marianne, Dotty and Elmer.  Last row: Jim, Kathie, Tom, Laurie, Marsha, Tom, Warren, Kathy, Jan and Ron. (Warren and Ron were the team leaders).

8. Although the volunteers work hard during the week, they are free on the weekends to explore the island .

The beach near Rodney Bay, the north part of the island.

Kid Step Preschool Kiddies Homey Day Care Center

9.  Many Global Volunteers get “hooked” and serve on additional programs.

And that, my friends (sisters and cousins to be exact) is the end of the contest questions!

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7 thoughts on “The Contest Finale– Global Volunteers Questions”

      1. Hi Shelley
        OF course you would find something wonderful/exciting to be involved with.
        Lindy told me you posted some t/f questions – so here goes
        1. T
        2. T
        3. F. Local leader decide what needs to be done
        4. F unless you consider the pacific as # 6
        5. F. Does not pay for air transportation
        6. F. Not the newest island
        7. F. Not the largest in number – but with you there – largest in heart
        8. T Yes for some that like to drink red wine
        9. I forget what number 9 was but I say -absolutely.

        I tried to find out the largest/newest place for global volunteers. I say Cooks Island as one of the the hot spots so venture to say this may be the newest and largest area were sowm volunteers would like to go –


  1. I think all the questions have the same answer. I think the answers are true. I remembered some of the things you said.

    Hey, I love your longer hair with a flip on the end!


  2. Ok So Just for the record, I do not “surf the web” for the correct answers!!!1

    1. true
    2. true
    3. True – the locals have an idea what they want done, but you offer good suggestions. they are happy to have the help.
    4. False – but NJ could use the same assistance
    5. F – I don’t think they pay for flights or Wine!!
    6. True – great colored buildings in the pictures
    7. True – and the most smiles
    8. True – and explore they did
    9. True – and inspire others also..

    I hope I did ok!!


  3. i am disqualified, i saw the answers above,

    do i get a prize for being honest?

    i thought there were all true but then i saw others answers!!


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