Yes, we are still on day one!

Lunch time. Is our dessert on fire???

I never had smoking ice cream before…and normally I am able to identify the server. Should I eat this? Have I EVER passed up ice cream??

Independence Plaza, formerly known as Plaza Mayor during Spanish time, with the memorial statue.

I’ve been having Internet challenges…maybe fewer photos will make it go more smoothly. Shelley

Quito, day 1, continued

Mike and Augusta in one of the squares, intently listening to our guide, Eduardo.

Our first wildlife shots


On our way to the choir loft of the church of San Francisco. I wish that we had been able to photograph the beautiful interior, because it was so very different from most churches I’d seen. The decoration was geometric, looking very Moorish.

Here she is again, our winged virgin, as seen from the historic center, courtesy of my zoom lens.

Images of Quito, day 1

The winged virgin, with the serpent firmly in hand, overlooks Quito, from the heights of El Panecillo. The elevation here is almost 10,000 feet.

The view is spectacular, and this photo doesn’t even come close to capturing this magnificent city. The old city is in the foreground, with the skyscrapers of the new city barely visible.

We visited San Feancisco church and convent. We weren’t able to photograph the interiors of any of the churches, but the courtyard was fair game, and was quite lovely.

Here’s a shot of a typical street in the historic center of Quito. Notice the interesting architecture, and how clean everything is!

Because I am sending these via email, there is a file size limit, so day 1 will continue in another installment.