Riding High in Chiang Mai

I’ve finally acknowledged that my blogging just can’t keep pace with our activities. So rather than try to record all of the things we have done over the last couple of days, I’ll just share one highlight…our visit to the elephant camp.

I didn’t realize our guide was joking when he said we needed our bathing suits to help the mahouts bathe the elephants. I was so ready!
The mahouts are showing us how we’ll be mounting the elephants for our ride thru the jungle.
Okay, so I was kidding about the mounting part, but not about the jungle ride.
It took about 40 minutes to get to the village. I bought a few treasures from this sweet young girl.
On the ride back, we took a short cut thru the river.
Going downhill was a bit harrowing. No photos of that experience…I was hanging on with both hands.
What a great adventure!