Red breasts, blue feet, scaly skin and big sad eyes

Yes, I know it sounds like a description of me, but I am actually talking about the Galapagos wildlife.    Blue Footed Boobies, brilliantly colored crabs, frigate birds looking for love, iguanas, and sea lions with the biggest, saddest brown eyes you’ll ever see.  Take a look.

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And now, time for the final contest questions:

A. Ecuador in famous for which of the following(and there is more than one right answer.

  1. Supplying most of the USA’s Valentine’s day roses
  2. Making incredibly wonderful dark chocolate
  3. Having a huge deposit of oil in one of its national parks
  4. Producing beautiful women, especially mi hermana preferida
  5. Producing excellent coffee, which is sold to Columbia, who sells their inferior (to Ecuador’s)coffee to the USA

B. The largest city in Ecuador is:

  1. Guayaquil
  2. Quito
  3. Miami

C. The city of Guayaquil got its name from

  1. the river that runs through it
  2. the girlfriend of a Spanish conquistador
  3. the sound that iguanas make when they mate

Okay, that’s it.  Prizes to be awarded next week!

The Amazon Remembered

Home at last.  The internet access that we lived without in the Amazon and the Galapagos is now constantly available.

While in the Amazon, we visited Amazoonica, a rescue center for wounded and displaced animals.  Click on the buttons in the photo to get the slide show to work.

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Lindy asked that I include photos of me, so these are shots from Mike’s camera.

At one point, I had 7 butterflies on me.  I had put Avon’s “Skin so soft” bath oil all over me to keep away the mosquitoes and sand flies.  It not only did that, but as a bonus, it also appears to have attracted these guys!

Yes, we really DID float down the Napo river wearing long pants.  We weren’t going to take chances with that strong Equatorial sun!

And now the answer to the last contest questions about the moonshine

Yes, they did give out samples;  yes, we all tried it and yes, a half of bottle is currently sitting in my kitchen, so speak up if you want me to save you some!  But maybe drinking the moonshine wasn’t such a great idea…I’m not quite sure how THIS happened!

Butterflies, breakfast, beauty and booze

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of my little buddy. He landed on my arm, and didn’t want to get off. So what’s a girl to do? Why, set the camera’s timer and take its picture, of course.


You can buy just about anything at the market in Otovalo,so I figured it would’ve the perfect place to pick up a few prizes for the contest. This was not one of them.

On our way back from the Amazon, we stopped at Papallacta, where we enjoyed the pools, which are heated by volcanic activity. Unfortunately I did not plan ahead, so was unable to get a massage, but the time spent in the pools had a similar impact. Very relaxing!

And now time for more contest questions. We visited a sugar cane farm, where we saw how the cane is harvested, and boiled down to produce sugar products.

This particular farm had its very own still for making moonshine.

So, here are the questions.
1. Do you think they were giving out samples?
2. And if they were, who do you think gave it a try? Augusta, Mike, me?
3. And what are the odds that a half a bottle of this “demon rum” might make it back to the USA? Shelley