The journey continues-the Amazon

As you may have guessed from the last post, I am having Internet issues. Plus my iPad sometimes changes what I’ve written and I post before I notice those incorrect modifications. But I digress.
We spent the last three nights at the Casa del Suizo on the Napa River, in the Amazon basin. After traveling from Quito for a good part of the day on a bus, we made the last leg of the trip in a dugout canoe, with a power motor on the back. This was far faster than a St. Martin dinghy ride!


Our hotel was the perfect mix of rustic and luxury. We were up high enough to guarantee a panoramic view, with all of the important creature comforts ( bar, pool, shower), but with ceiling fans instead of AC, transportation solely by those motorized canoes, and no Internet access.


We leave for the Galapagos tomorrow, so here are some Amazon visuals…our trek through the jungle — wearing boots thoughtfully supplied by the hotel and our visit to an animal rescue center.

There’s more, but I won’t bore you with too many details. At least not yet.








Yes, we are still on day one!

Lunch time. Is our dessert on fire???

I never had smoking ice cream before…and normally I am able to identify the server. Should I eat this? Have I EVER passed up ice cream??

Independence Plaza, formerly known as Plaza Mayor during Spanish time, with the memorial statue.

I’ve been having Internet challenges…maybe fewer photos will make it go more smoothly. Shelley

Quito, day 1, continued

Mike and Augusta in one of the squares, intently listening to our guide, Eduardo.

Our first wildlife shots


On our way to the choir loft of the church of San Francisco. I wish that we had been able to photograph the beautiful interior, because it was so very different from most churches I’d seen. The decoration was geometric, looking very Moorish.

Here she is again, our winged virgin, as seen from the historic center, courtesy of my zoom lens.