Contest answers

Sorry for the delay in posting the answers. Wifi is only available in the reception area these days. That hot spot by the bar? It is now stone cold.

The fun part of this contest, for me at least, is seeing what friends and family choose for their answers. Not surprisingly, Mike has the most points. After 36 years he should know a thing or two about me!

Welcome Jim and Kristy! I’m glad you are participating. And now for the answers.

Every one except Lindy and Mike thought I had “misplaced” my money. That was a good guess, given my past history, but so far, the only thing I misplaced was my footwear. The correct answer was my investment in “end of the day” red wine. It is not that I am a lush; I just never carry much cash when I travel. Instead I use the ATMs, the ATR (Augusta T Rosenthal), and of course, Mike, as my sources for liquid assets.

Mike was the only one that got the second question right. I did indeed go snorkeling. That was a hard one, because three of the choices were very appealing. The only one I would never do is sit by the pool. Ordinarily I would have done zip lining, but we were advised against it for safety reasons. Kayaking without Greg would be a totally different experience. I’d actually have to paddle.

The boat trip to the snorkeling sites was lovely. Here are some photos taken with my iphone.




The last photo is of Mark, our guide.
I’ve only been snorkeling twice, so I was absolutely mesmerized by the sights. My favorite fish was dark blue, covered with luminescent blue spots that looked like sequins. Its tail was nice accent–a brilliant yellow. I was wishing I’d bought one of those cheap disposable underwater cameras!

Kristy and Sandy were the only ones that got the last answer right. Three of us INTENDED to take a bus, but they don’t run on Sunday mornings, except to the local churches. Fortunately, we met Jeffrey (the source of this last bit of information) while walking to the bus stop. We used our considerable powers of persuasion (and cash) to convince him that he should be our tour guide for the day.

Who could resist wheels with “cute face” written across its hood?

Jeffrey dropped us in town, then went to pick up his fiancé, Ashley. Aren’t they a cute couple?


So here's the score so far:
Mike- 2
Lindy, Sandy and Kristy – 1
Sue and Jim – 0

Time for some educational questions. To make it harder, it won't be multiple choice. Or maybe that will make it easier?

Question 4: The cruise ships dock at which St. Lucian city?
Question 5: Which two countries spent150 years fighting over St. Lucia?
Question 6: In what year did St. Lucia become independent?
Question 7: What St. Lucian poet received the Nobel prize for Literature in 1992?
Question 8: St. Lucia makes a unique kind of ketchup. What is unusual about it? (and do you think it might be one of the prizes?)
Question 9. Tomorrow night we will be having dinner in St. Lucia's capital. What is its name?

Photo of the three intrepid travelers, with assistant tour guide Ashley, doing her Angelina Jolie pose.


A beautiful day

Today was an exciting day. The earth boxes arrived and the kids were pumped! Kathy and Jan did an incredible job. They are so patient with the children. They managed to get the job done, while making the children feel like they were contributing something really important.


This was supposed to be a project for the five year olds, but for a while, the four year olds inserted themselves into the midst.

While the earth box ladies were working in the front, Kathy’s husband Tom and the other Tom were hard at work fixing the fence behind the school.
Here’s the construction team hard at work.

Here are a few more kid photos. Notice the uniform color is different.


These are the kids from the kid step preschool, which is right next door to the kiddie homey day care.

The St Lucia Contest

I promised a contest so here goes, but first something akin to the “fine print”.  Prizes are only awarded to contestants residing in either New Jersey or Massachusetts, because the contest sponsor (that would be me) only makes deliveries in those two states.

Furthermore, prizes will only be awarded if I find a cash machine that  accepts either my ATM or my credit card, because, you see, I am out of money.  On a positive note,  I have learned something useful to pass along to future Global Volunteers and those staying in the general vicinity of JJ’s Paradise Hotel. There is only one bank nearby, in Marigot Bay, just a boat ride away.  That bank does not accept ATM or debit cards, only credit cards, however–and this is a BIG however– it only accepts credit cards that have the Cirrus logo on the back.  As you have guessed, MY Chase Sapphire Visa card does NOT have that little logo on it.   With those disclosures out of the way, Game On!

Question One: I am out of money because

A. I lost at the slots and roulette, big time

B. The bar at the hotel only accepts cash and a week’s supply of red wine can really add up

C.  It cost a lot to get my hair braided and beaded

D. I forgot my money pouch somewhere, I have no idea where.

Hint: there is only one correct answer

Question Two:  We are on our own on the weekend, to do as we please.  Which one of these did I do today?

A. Sat by the pool, working on my tsn

B. Went zip lining

C. Went kayaking

D. Went snorkeling

Question three:  plans have been made for tomorrow.  Which of these will I be doing:

A. Driving an all terrain vehicle through the jungle

B. Bird watching in the national forest

C. Visiting Sandals resort

D. Taking a local bus and letting the day unfold

Answers on Monday afternoon, by which time I will have made it to the city and replenished my funds.