Greetings and thank you to Team One!

I’m so glad that some of the members of the first team found my blog, so I’m pleased to provide great news. The hand washing education, at least at the Kiddie Homey day care center, was wildly successful! The kids wash frequently, proudly and enthusiastically. I’ll try to take a picture before the end of my service, because it is something to behold. I had brought bottles of liquid soap with me and when one of the kiddies spotted it, she insisted that she needed to wash her hands. They are also quite fond of hand sanitizer. So Team One, savor your success. Michelle, I’ll take a closer look at the dispenser tomorrow, and will also check on Precious’ foot. I haven’t had a chance to work with Yasmine yet. She was out today, but if she is in tomorrow, I’ll get to her first thing.

I love the way Miss Frederick works with the kids. She reminds them every morning in song that they are”more precious than gold”. I’m hoping to get that morning song memorized before I leave.

Julie, if you have any questions about your project, let me know where you worked and I’ll check with those team mates for an update.

At our debrief tonight, the primary school team reported that the children were learning to write letters and could choose the recipient of their letter. Several opted to write to the January Global Volunteers, Vickie and Linda. Here are some verbatim quotes. “I loved how you treated me”. “I wish you could come back to see how I wash my hands”. Warren is going to try to get the letters to Vickie and Linda, but Julie and Michelle, if you are in touch with them, please let them know that they made their mark.

Today I found the wifi “sweet spot” by the pool, settled in with a glass of wine, thinking that I
would no longer have to sit in the reception area whenever I wanted Internet access. My success was sweet, but oh so brief. Oh well. I might not have Internet access by the pool, but at least I have my glass of wine, and cool water, so life continues to be good.


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3 thoughts on “Greetings and thank you to Team One!”

  1. I worked at the Primary School with just the Earth Boxes. That would be with the sixth graders. Also worked with the young mothers who were picked by the roving care givers to get an earth box. I believe there are two women (one is Cathy, a teacher) who are the Earth Box team in your group. I spoke to both of them briefly before they left for St. Lucia. Would love to hear how it’s going for them.


    1. Yes, Jan and Kathy are working on earth boxes, and two men(both named Tom) are building tables to support the earth boxes. We all look forward to the earth box stories at our night meetings. The cucumbers are doing great!



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